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What is SI-French

SI-French is a group effort to translate Origin's "Ultima VII part II - The Serpent Isle" and its add-on, "the Silver Seed", in French. At this point in time, the translation is finished and we are currently doing the proofreading. Available as a patch to apply against your original files, you must satisfy a few requirements to play this game in French:

  1. Owning an original copy of "Ultima VII part II - The Serpent Isle" and of "The Silver Seed" and making sure they are installed on your system;
  2. Using Exult to play the game;
  3. Getting the patch and configuring your exult.cfg file to use the patched files.

If you satisfy all requirements, then you can start by reading the installation manual.


Translated: 505/505 (100%)

Proofread: 211/505 (42%)

Last change: 2004-08-15 22:44:10

SI-French Team

Joris Piovani (aka Klown Killer or KK): co-lead

Aurelien Marchand (aka Artaxerxes): co-lead

Fabien Pot (aka ): translation

Fabien Tarlet (aka Elandryl): translation

? (aka Hellbar): translation

Frank Trienbach (aka Dagon): translation, webmaster

Eric Jeannotte (aka Eric): grammarian

Vincent Taubert (aka ): translation

Emmanuel Duchenne (aka Duke999): translation, proofreading

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